( Michael Wolpers, Christos Mamalitsidis, Jioti Parcharidis, Herman Frank, Peter Pichl)

Herman Frank – guitar
Jioti Parcharidis – vocals
Peter Pichl – bass guitar
Christos Mamalitsidis – guitar
Michael Stein – drums

The Victorious ones are back!
In the list of legendary German hard rock bands Victory holds a special position. Even today, they rank alongside their fellow Hanover colleagues The Scorpions as one of the most important German rock exports. High chart rankings of their albums around the globe, successful tours throughout Europe and America, sensational appearances at major festivals - Victory have always been present. Now they returning back to the stage: Band leader Hermann Frank (Accept) has joined together with the outstanding singer Jioti Parcharidis, who joined in 2005, bringing the most important cornerstones of the band to his side, with bassist Peter Pichl ( Running Wild), Michael Wolpers ( Soul Doctor ) and guitarist Christos Mamalitsidis ( Nikki Puppet ) bringing fresh blood into the group. No doubt about it: This band rocks, and once again will make Victory a name to remember. With the fabulous 2011 album release Don’t Talk Science in their hands and a brand new line-up, Victory 2013 is now heading back to where the band definitely belongs - on the concert stages!